Red Castle Soap is currently a one-man operation built upon the love of all things local and crafted; offering premium quality hand crafted beer soaps, made with natural oils, butters, and of course local craft beer.

Handcrafting out of Northborough, Massachusetts, we’re currently in the midst of moving the operation to Clinton, Massachusetts. Red Castle Soap owner Joshua Aldenberg has been making beer soap since 2013, and founded the company in 2015.

Made to order in small batches, these premium quality, hand crafted beer soaps are made with an individual brewery’s respective beer, and custom branded for them to sell in their taprooms.

Red Castle Soap works with a brewery to get them the scent, color, and label just the way they want it in order to reflect their particular brand. Also offered is custom-branded soap shelving to compliment & increase the appeal of the final product; crafted by talented local woodworkers.

Beer Soap isn’t a gimmick either, beer is proven to be good for the skin, as it contains b-vitamins from malts, and hops are natural anti-septic (among other things).

The beer soaps have a rustic aesthetic indicative of the growing craft movement here in New England; the standard recipe used offers a great balance of smooth, creamy, and bubbly lather, perfect for washing the entire body. One can even work up a good lather with it in the shower and use it as shampoo!

Red Castle Soap offers breweries a unique stream of merchandise revenue, allowing them to sell a hand crafted consumable good (aside from their beer) that is made with their actual product.

With a proper shelving display and placement, Red Castle Soap’s custom branded beer soaps have proven difficult to keep in stock!


If you’re ready to get some beer soaps in your brewery, or you’d like to see what we have available to ship to you individually, get in touch!